The key to a successful Franchise business is to make sure your systems are proven and robust and that you really understand:

  • What makes a successful Franchise system tick?
  • Why are some systems successful whilst others fail miserably?
  • Are you looking to Franchise internationally?
  • What are the pitfalls?
  • What are the critical issues to be dealt with in a Master Franchise Agreement?
  • What royalty and fee structure works for us and the Franchisees? What are the regulatory requirements for Franchising in the USA?

Market Entry

A particularly challenging sector in the UK with the decline of the high street, the rise of shopping centres and the sky high property costs in London. International expansion will become increasingly important. Our expertise will help you become the success story – especially if you are an international operator considering entering the UK market. We have substantial experience with Chipotle and Smith and Wollensky coming in from the US and have advised several other international restaurant brands who have looked at the UK market.