Fast casual restaurants

Trends in the eating out market – including technology, lifestyles, time pressures, family structures and demographics – have produced a thriving segment within the industry known Fast Casual Dining.

This covers food served in an environment that is more upmarket than a traditional Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) such as McDonalds, KFC or Burger King but less formal yet with the quality and facilities found in full service, dine-in restaurants.

Nando’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Tortilla, Chipotle, Leon, pod and Itsu are examples of Fast Casual restaurants providing quality food, fast. The Fast Casual sector is growing and will continue to grow and it is becoming more segmented with sub sectors such as premium fast casual and fine fast casual. Competitive pressures will increase and established casual dining brands are looking to enter the sector with new formats.

Supermarkets are supplying excellent quality ready meals. You need to keep one step ahead. How? That’s where we come in.

Home delivery

The UK Eating Out market is going through major changes driven by health concerns, technology, lifestyles, time pressures, family structures and demographics. The Future Foundation and Mintel both point to substantial growth in the Fast Food / Takeout / Home Delivery market. The Future Foundation projects a doubling of the Home Delivery market by 2020.

Home Delivery is no longer limited to the Pizza industry. New services such as Deliveroo and portals such as Just Eat are transforming the market and giving the consumer more choice and the opportunity for operators to use increase sales through a managed and outsourced Home Delivery service.

It is vital not see Home Delivery as a “nice to have” add on. In fact, if execution is not well done, Home Delivery could have a negative impact on your business. We are able to give very specific advice on all aspects of the Home Delivery business from store layouts and work flows to insurance and the systems and procedures required to ensure a superb customer experience that will enhance your brand.